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AllisonCarr_beforeLike The Phoenix

Allison Carr, was looking for a way to instantly connect with her ideal tribe of introverts in search of journey clarity, stress relief and magic unearthing.

I designed a similar platform for her most key vehicle for connection, her website. It needed to be aspirational, warm and like the phoenix it needed to speak of self-revival. For more about Allison and how she can help you unearth your magic and live to be the best version of yourself, view her website I can’t wait to see it all come together on her website.

Did you diy or simply get up and running without branding?

Tell me about it. No seriously, what would you like your prospective clients instantly take away from your online shop? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Could your website or blog use some intuitive sprucing up? I can help with that.




You Down With ICP?

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You know that super jazzed feeling you get after a great client meeting?

You both just finished each-others sentences and everything just clicked! You walk away feeling loads pumped. What if you could feel that way after every meeting? I’ll do you one better, what if you could make people feel this way even when you weren’t in the room? That would be ideal.

Networking is for newbies. Relationships are for pros.

Often times the reason why we “hit it off” with certain people is because we share common goals, sometimes values but most often experiences. If you stop to think about your oldest relationships, friends, clients your hair stylist or barber… the glue that keeps you bound is your shared experiences, that overall sense that they just get you.

Country Star, Travis Tritt, said in an interview on the Wendy Williams Show while discussing the key to his long-standing success, “find out early in your career who your audience is… and play to your audience.” Now I’m not a huge country music fan but his words really struck a chord for me.  To have success is one thing but to secure longevity is an ultimate goal as a solo-biz-owner. We want better lives not just great careers.

Local Design: San Diego Coffee Shop Re-Brands

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I Heart Coffee Shoppe Time.

In my house, when the kids get too loud and mami needs some “me time” I let the hubs know it’s time for “coffee shoppe time.” A few months ago – to my utter shock and angst, my local go-to coffee spot was closed! Wtf. I kept crossing my fingers that this was simply temporary due to some much needed sprucing up. Luckily I was right. I circled the block once a week – until finally I googled the place and found out that they’d soon be re-opening. I was there first thing opening day…. floored.

My comfort zone was shaken.

It used to serve up giant mug-fulls of whatevs in a campy homey setting – now it seems a couple hipsters have taken it over and it’s ultra modern-retro all ova the place. Anywho, I sat down and desperately searched for outlets – which used to tangle up the floors and jut out of every wall. I didn’t find them. Not at first. Also, the new shop features a bar, yep coffee and beer. This also frightened me as I usually stroll my newborn into here after he conks out and it’s mami’s time for a latte.

Branding – Duh

After taking it all in, as a whole with all the new nifty brand elements (more on this below), I actually really like it and know I’ll probably grow to love it again. It was cleaner, simpler and easier. The new brand touches really brought the vibe all together. A place to meet, chill, work and get social. Below is a list of some of my fave new features at my fave old coffee shoppe.


The Truth About Logos

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Yahoo/YouTube Logos.

Trending this week…Logos.

In addition to the current frenzy, behind the big Yahoo! logo unveiling and the hoo ha behind YouTube’s re-branding, folks have been hitting me up a bit more than usual with logo freak-outs of their own. In order to help I had to serve up some tough love. I figured if you’ve been stumped by the logo-monster and thus spiraled into an emotional brand limbo place – you could use some tough design love too.

The Gosh Darn Truth.

Don’t set yourself up for emotional logo-shame related overload. I’ve seen people stop working on the things they love about their business just to make sure the logo is jusst right. Seriously?

“You’re Not Selling Logos.” Unless you are? – In which case, disregard the following rant. If you’re not in the business of logos I hope to save you from logo induced headaches & heartaches.

Let’s dispel some myths about logos…